As if we were writing a letter to the three kings, we’d like to show you how the year 2018 was for ExpoSiner and the desires we have for 2019 in the consortium.

The year we have completed has brought a lot of fulfilled objectives, important news and projects of high level, for ExpoSiner,as well as for each of its partners.

In the first part of 2018, for example, we discovered the different types of overflows that a pool of our partner’s hand Pool-Aesthetics could have. As for the fireplace sector, by Fuego Difusión, we got to know the trends in hotels and restaurants and an incredible new form of outdoor cooking. On the other hand, Blues Simon Group taught us such interesting topics in the constructive sector as the importance of color or acoustic comfort at home. In domotics we also discovered very relevant aspects in this first part of 2018, such as mirror televisions and integrated systems, designed by our partner Censys.

The achievements of our partners are achievements of the consortium. So this year we have grown as a group with news great news like Fuego Difusión being selected for the exclusive distribution of the products of Spartherm in Spain. The confirmation that Censys will carry out the project of the new hotel-restaurant of BonAmb. The participation of Blues Simon Group at ExpoDeco. And the BSW-2017 award won by Pool-Aesthetics.

In the second leg of the year, we got to know ideas for integrated lighting through our partner Soltec. We got to know more about the suspended ceilings, floors, and the combination of air conditioning-domotics, steel pools, green covers, Amazon Alexa and bed and the bathroom decoration. With the arrival of the summertime we saw the difference between air conditioning and cooling, the best audio system and we learned more about lighting for the outside areas of our home.

Finally, in the last stage of 2018 excellent novelties didn’t stop to reach us, like the incorporation of Summerglass as a new partner to the consortium or the new spectacular projects of Soltec.

Further on we continued to learn more about our sector, with new themes such as the material silca, solar panels, pellet stoves, HVAC in the winter, automated air input for chimneys and the microcement as an element in construction.

We end our letter to the kings asking them for 2019 to continue growing as a consortium specializing in luxury construction and high-end decoration, continue to achieve our business objectives and fulfilling in full each and all of the needs of our clients.