Lighting in the exterior areas of our home directly influences the decorative and architectural aspects. Its study and implementation should not be carried out last, but should be addressed at the beginning of the project in a global way. The light in our garden, entrance areas, terrace, patios, wet areas, etc. … plays a vital role and is a very important element for our comfort.

Generally a lot of time and effort is invested in the interior lighting project of our house and it is forgotten to include the exterior areas from the beginning of the project. The proper concept is to analyse both parts in an integrated way connecting “the garden with the house or the house with the garden”. To help to achieve this, at ExpoSiner we give lighting advice according to the outdoor space we have available:

Outside areas
When talking about the exteriors of our home, we distinguish three large groups of zones:

Zone 1: Facades, covered terraces, open terraces, accesses…
Zone 2: Gardens, platforms, roads, etc…
Zone 3: Swimming pools, spa, ponds, access to the beach, etc…

Zone 1
When we light a facade or a terrace, we must take into account whether it is an area that is protected from water or not, whether it is in a coastal or inland area, because corrosion and moisture can affect the focus and make it look bad or spoil the end result. Therefor at ExpoSiner we advise you to have a protection equivalent or superior to IP65 to IP68.

Warmth must be the protagonist. Although it depends on the function that it has to carry out, the power of the LED spotlights in 3000K would be more than enough and they give enough light. You can also toggle recessed spotlights on the floor and wall sconces. The play of lights is pleasant and homogenizes the illuminated space.

Accesses are also important, both on the driveway or stairs to the building, as well as access to the garage. They can be illuminated with small LED points or specific spotlights for exteriors, to give more security to the entrance and give a feeling of spaciousness to the building.

Zone 2
When it is an area with ​​new construction, gardens and/or roads, we must take into account that the vegetation grows and can cover the spots or reduce the power when lighting a tree, shrub or palm tree. So we advise that a plan of the garden is provided beforehand so we can individually study each vegetation.

In addition, people today like to enjoy art in open spaces and we cannot forget to illuminate them too.

For paths and driveways whether grass, platform or stone, small LED spotlights can be used, able to withstand weight and traffic.

Zone 3
Pools can be lit from the inside and the outside, with small or large LED spotlights, always with LED technology and playing with colour using RGB.