Having a terrace in summer is a great privilege and even more in these times when we have to stay at home for longer. It is for this reason that taking advantage of a terrace or a garden is essential. Eating outside, sunbathing, having an incredible time with family or friends is the best of summer. But you will need more than a terrace to enjoy it well. With the help of SummerGlass, professionals in enclosures, pergolas, swimming pools and landscaping, we will tell you the trends of this year for perfect exteriors.

A book is judged, on many occasions, by its cover. The same thing happens to your house. If you have your garden neglected, you will lose everything good of having a garden. One way of to have always a perfect and green garden is using artificial grass. It is very easy to maintain and it can perfectly mimic the naturalness of real grass. Our Summerglass professionals will advise you on the choice of your artificial grass according to the needs of the exterior of your home.

Another way to have a dream garden is to develop green spaces that play with your senses and place you in a paradise of smells and colors. Through landscaping we can create paradisiacal oases using aromatherapy and chromotherapy. In addition, through a comprehensive project tailored to you we can create luxury spaces with moving water, night lighting or aquatic life. You will love to stay home. You have many possibilities to turn your home into a luxury home. At Exposiner we can give you many ideas if you visit our showroom.

According to Summerglass, design homes should not only have elements of exclusivity and style such as waterfalls or private parks. It’s also a matter of turning a plain and dull place into a stylish one. The decoration of your terrace is also very important. Make a relaxation space on your terrace with sofas, poufs or stools, tables, flowerpots and add some decoration. Whether you have a minimalist or modern style, or if you want to be something more traditional, comfort should be the number one requirement in your home.

Finally, something essential to enjoy these places of relaxation is to protect you and yours from the sun. One way to do this without having to do any construction is through Summerglass pergolas. We recommend gazebos, pergolas and wooden lattices for your terrace. Depending on your needs, you can control some of these elements through home technology.

Something that gives your home an added beauty is having glass enclosures. This, in addition to giving light to your house, aesthetically completes its facade. This way you can take advantage of the terrace throughout the year (in winter you can enjoy the views).