Almost every time we think about lighting, it comes to mind how we can illuminate our home to enhance all its details and make the best possible use of light. However, in this post we want to show you our parnetr Soltec‘s new project, where the lighting design has been carried out for Fun Buffet, a restaurant at La Marina Resorts, in Elche.

We have been able to see, thanks to our partner Soltec, that good lighting is the key to increasing and boosting sales in a business and it is essential to contrast the various spaces it has and distinguish products. In this project, Soltec highlights the different environments in the restaurant, opting for a fresh and awake lighting, perfect for shedding light on the gastronomic experience that this place offers.

When we enter Fun Buffet, the first thing that jumps out at us, well lit and prominent, is the long food display where customers can choose the food they want. Under the display, carefully lit, the dishes. It is essential to have the right points of light to enhance this delicious “showcase” and Soltec manages to make it attract the eyes of those who pass in front of the restaurant.

From the outside, this irresistible showcase stands out, but once we enter, we can observe the strategic lighting that provides a uniform light to the entire restaurant. Typical of the interior designer Xavier Pastor, we can highlight decorative elements with natural materials such as wood to give the restaurant an ecological touch. We can also highlight the vertical gardens placed on some of the restaurant’s walls, which Soltec illuminates to stand out.

For the restaurant’s furniture, Xavier Pastor chooses upholstered benches and chairs in green and pink, so as not to forget that fun touch that characterizes Fun Buffets. In the cocktail bar area, the interior designer has opted for a blue-coloured tile cladding, which is similar to the color palette of the bathrooms.

Something that fascinates us about this project is the use of LED strips, which are integrated into the design and profiles, a luminaire made entirely to measure for this restaurant. Our partner adds LED technology to those natural elements of the restaurant (the wooden coverings and furniture and the vertical gardens) to convey that feeling of nature and ecology. This choice will also be reflected in the energy consumption of the restaurant, which will be lower.