Integrated lighting is with out a doubt the “star” of the current lighting-business. It has become an essential tool for the decoration and interior design sector. With subtle lighting you can achieve the framing, separating and accentuating of spaces, as well as giving prominence to a space and its unique decoration. Integrated lighting has become a trend that lets decorators and their clients play with their creativity, applying different lighting technologies such as flexible fittings and allowing them to change lighting tones or intensities. The objective is to always create unique and exclusive ambiances.

In addition, the “integrated lighting” aims to integrate the lighting in a subtle and discreet way within any kind of material, as for example concrete, plasterwork, wood, carpets, furniture, mirrors, etc. with fittings specially designed and created for that material, indoor or outdoor.

Here are some examples of how this latest trend can be applied to our home or office: