Heating or cooling a room is something that today we can achieve in various ways, with both systems that consume exhaustible energy and systems that need renewable energy to function. When we talk about sustainable HVAC we talk about all those actions that control the interior temperature to achieve a comfortable and pleasant environment, but remaining within energy efficiency parameters.

At Exposiner we have partners such as Climamedida since we believe in the importance of renewable energy sources to achieve maximum comfort at home. For this reason, we want to put at your disposal the best and most sustainable HVAC systems.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are an essential system when we talk about sustainable HVAC systems and it is a very widespread model since it is very efficient, does not pollute and has low consumption. However, it also has certain disadvantages such as the need for electricity and the need to place an outdoor unit for its operation. On the other hand, the heat or cold produced by the heat pump is not always optimal or sufficient for a home.

Aerothermal energy, the answer to our question

Aerothermal energy, according to Climamedida, is a highly energy-efficient technology that harnesses energy from the air as a form of sustainable air conditioning. This alternative works without combustion, so it does not produce emissions or generate waste. It only uses the ambient temperature as a source of energy.

It is true that its installation can be expensive, however, it is the most sustainable and most comfortable system since the desired temperature can be achieved at any time of the year, its maintenance is very simple and it is the safest system. It is essential to bear in mind that it is the most eco-friendly system because, in addition to being clean energy, it reduces the Potential Rate of Atmospheric Warming.