Exposiner, this broad consortium of companies has a main focus, and it is the design, construction and conditioning out of the home and other commercial spaces. In our consortium, quality, design, and technology come together to create a unified solution for each home or business. Comfort and safety are two objectives that we have and that we achieve thanks to our partner Censys. Today we interview Michèl Vriens, business manager of Censys.

Censys, one of our technological and innovative partners, is a company that develops home automation and not just any way. For Censys each client has specific needs, for this reason they provide their integrated tehnological systems adapted to each client, fulfilling their wishes, and covering their needs. With Censys nothing escapes your control and control is in your hands.

What business mission did you open Censys with?

To bring residential control technology to people’s homes, to make your life more comfortable, more comfortable and that technology is an aid and not an obstacle.

Censys offers solutions in which technology is camouflaged with the design of the home, so that technology is present in a discreet way, without posing an obstacle and hardly taking up space.

Why did you enter ExpoSiner?

We have entered through the synergy that exists between the companies that make up the consortium. We add quality to each other’s service, because we are complementary and have very similar values within our companies.

What values does Censys share with ExpoSiner?

The main thing, both in Censys and at ExpoSiner is customer satisfaction and that all partners share this as a very high value, just like in our company.

Like all partners, Censys also seeks that the client is satisfied with the technological solutions it offers, always adapting all technology to the client’s lifestyle. Each project is a new adventure, different from the others.

What does this showroom mean to Censys?

It gives us the possibility to teach people what it is like to live in a smart home and really try all the possibilities that we offer as a company.

How do you see ExpoSiner in 5 years?

I see that we are going to go, as an ExpoSinergroup, to create a “one stop shop” for customers. Within the group of partners, they will be able to have everything for a house and we will end up doing comprehensive construction projects, where we provide the client with all the services.

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