If we think about domotics and applying technology in our home, we think about automating lights and blinds, controlling audiovisual devices, raising and lowering the temperature or turning on any appliance remotely. But very rarely do we choose for technological innovation in a system as important as plumbing.

Controlling your water is so important when dealing with potential leaks, increasing consumption efficiency or saving money. Uponor, one of ExpoSiner’s plumbing and indoor climate control providers, has innovated in this field, with its Phyn Plus monitor. This monitor protects your home from leaks, diagnoses plumbing problems, and gives you detailed information about your water use.

With a single installation you will have full control of all the water elements of your home:

Phyn Plus alerts you, through your mobile device, of all kinds of leaks, from pores and drip leaks that occur behind the walls, to the freezing of the pipes in the attic.

Get the information you need to make the best water usage decisions. It detects usage trends and analyzes the breakdown of the amount of water you spend for irrigation, showers, dishwashers, among others. Optimize and get the highest water performance.

With this high-definition science, you create an adequate profile of your consumption and regulate the amounts that benefit your economic savings and the sustainability of the environment.