The maximum added value and strength of ExpoSiner, as a consortium, lies in the professional synergy between partners to carry out each integral project in an efficient way, with the highest quality and adapted to each and every one of the customer’s needs.

­­­With the collaboration of our 8 partners we got the specialization of each department that compose the project. Thus, we achieve the highest quality in our lighting systems, plumbing, air conditioning, in the integral decoration of the interior spaces, the design of chimneys, the installation of home cinemas and audiovisual systems, the installation of the CCTV net, the projects of the exterior areas with design pergolas, swimming pools and wellness areas and of course the construction of all this mentioned.

But one last very important service would be missing. An element that connects each of the other services, which represents the whole project and the power to perfection: Domotics. Censys, our specialist partner, integrates all the services in a single system and offers the client the possibility to control it, through its mobile device.

With the implementation of a good domotics system, we will achieve the perfect comfort, automatizing all the elements of ­­our home environment in personalized scenes by the user, monitoring and detecting any incident, before the incident occurs, controlling the security system, improving energy efficiency, etc…