Hundreds of researches have shown us the great impact that the intensity, temperature and color of light have on the mood and human emotions, and that is that, who has the power to control light in all its characteristics, will have the power to control emotions.
Neuroscience points out that intensity, temperature and color are able to model our perception of the world. At ExpoSiner we want to explain you that connection between light and emotion.

If we want to give more emotion to something positive, let’s turn up the intensity; If we are in a negative situation and we want to decrease that feeling, or we want to lower the energy of the room, we lower the intensity.

The temperature
This second factor is also very important and is directly related to the following classification:

  • Warm (2600k to 3400k): Generates harmony, warmth and relaxation;
  • Cold (3600k to 4900k): Causes activity and stimulus;
  • Daylight (5000k to 7000k): Creates a feeling of freshness and hygiene.

The color
Finally, as for color, we can make the following distinction:

  • Red: Passion and strength;
  • Green: Serenity;
  • Blue: Confidence and well-being;
  • Orange: Fun;
  • Violet: Helps concentration;
  • Pink: Tenderness.

In short, it is important to make the right choices for the lighting of a space, because in the long run it will have an emotional impact on all who lives in it.