At ExpoSiner we are experts in luxury architecture, design and high-end decoration. In 2020 this sector brings important news and trends which the customer must know. That is why we want to give you the keystrokes of how the sector will move in the coming months.

Nature in your home
Natural elements will be a key factor in 2020. Not the use of plants and pots in the integral decoration, but also natural stones and marbles will be used in coverings and floors.

A smart home
The application of a home automation system remains a point of interest for customers and construction companies. The perfect control of lights, air conditioning or surveillance cameras offer the user comfort and safety.

Open and flexible spaces
An architectural trend for 2020 is the increase in the demand for integrated rooms in unique spaces, creating multi-purpose open environments. Constructive delimitations are eliminated, and furniture will be used as dividers.

Technological construction
Technology will not only be used in home automation. In the construction sector, the use of robots and autonomous vehicles is increasingly integrated in the manufacturing of advanced materials, which increase efficiency for the client and the construction company. Furthermore, the use of 3D printing will be increasingly used in structures and the virtual and augmented reality of projects.

Ecology and Energy Efficiency
This is a worldwide concern. Optimization of energy consumed will continue to be a key piece this year, both for a reason of economic savings by the client, as well as for ecological awareness. Technology and a perfect integrated system at homes and offices, will allow you the energy savings that are so important today.