We have had a hard and long year of work and now want to enjoy some well-deserved days off. Disconnect, play sports, enjoy great family moments and cook together with friends on great summer nights. There are several options to do this, but at ExpoSiner in this case our partner Fuego Difusión, we’d like to talk about OFYR, a unique barbecue, for several reasons:

One of the keys of its success. Hans Goosens, its creator, always opted to create a barbecue from the basic concept of simplicity. Its characteristic conical shape allows the air to circulate perfectly, to stoke the fire whenever it is needed.

However, behind its simple design is incredibly multifunctional, it allows you to use the barbecue in several ways and at the same time. It has a large circular opening in the center where you can make a fantastic rice, while cooking some starters on the surrounding steel surface.

Because of its shape, the OFYR barbecue allows you to create a social circle around it, where you can have a glass of wine, chat with your friends and enjoy what is being cooked, simultaneously. This social aspect can also be carried out in the cold months, creating with our OFYR, a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Its resistant and durable Corten steel allows you to leave the barbecue all year round in the outdoor area you want. Thanks to its materials, it needs very little maintenance and the weather factors will not affect its durability. Further on, because of its beautiful design and visual appearance, it can become a beautiful sculpture in your garden.