At ExpoSiner we do not conceive our work without the application of innovation and progress in the areas of decoration, interior design and architecture. We work constantly in the development and implementation of advanced technological systems to always achieve maximum comfort and satisfaction for the customer through home automation. And in this area, our specialist partner is Censys.

CENSYS has always opted to work surrounded by the highest quality. Their projects are implemented with the best brands in the market such as Lutron, Crestron, RTI, Screen Innovations, etc. Their Research, Development & Innovation department continuously develops innovations in the home automation sector, evolving their integrated systems day by day.

Having excellence as an objective offers Censys the possibility of working with clients who share the philosophy of achieving the best quality in all their projects. This is the case of the BonAmb restaurant in Jávea that relies on Censys to carry out its exciting new Hotel-Restaurant, with the aim of offering its guests a totally personalized experience different from anything you can imagine.


The project has the ambition to build an intelligent enclosure, where each element of the environment will be controllable and customizable, so that the hotel guests can access a hotel-restaurant tailored to their wishes from the first moment they walk through the door.
To realize this, Censys will mainly work on the following aspects:

– Smart hotel.
– Sustainability and efficiency in consumption.
– Lighting control of communal areas and gardens.
– Control of audio-visual elements in combination with lighting.
– Domotics control of the restaurant and management of orders from the same device or central console.
– Customizable scenarios for the hotel guests which they can choose from during their online reservation.
– High quality hotel control systems.
– Fully intelligent rooms, controlled from touch screens or smart push buttons personalized with different scenarios, looking for maximum comfort to ensure all guests feel at home.
– Possibility that guests can reserve a table or even order from the menu from their room, absolute personalization.
– Autonomous control of the blinds of the restaurant according to the level of solar radiation that the restaurant is receiving.