The installation and use of fireplaces and stoves has reached far beyond its main and original function for which they were created. They have become an element absolutely protagonist in the decoration of the home, in multitude of rooms and different spaces, both indoor and outdoor. They suppose a perfect support to give free rein to creativity and innovation, for its versatility and adaptability.

Although at first we can associate the concept of fireplace with the use of firewood or coal, it is not the only fuel option for these. In fact, one of the fuels that has penetrated with great force in the sector in recent years is bioethanol.

Advantages of fireplaces with bioethanol burner

Among the advantages of the use of bioethanol as fuel for a fireplace are the following:

Sustainability, since harmful emissions to the environment are reduced.

Cleaning, because it does not generate waste.

High efficiency, since its calorific value is totally satisfactory.

Easy installation.

In addition, bioethanol burner fireplaces are easily controlled since they can be switched on, off and regulated in their intensity by means of a remote control.

Design, a key factor for success

Undoubtedly, the design fireplaces concept has more and more weight in the projects of interior design and home decoration. They have acquired a fundamental role for architects and interior design professionals when creating different and creative environments and compositions.

Highly prestigious brands such as Spartherm, with which we work from Fuego Difusión, have the ability to develop customized bioethanol fireplaces, so that they adapt to practically any place in the house.

They have multitude of applications and uses: both inside and outside, in living rooms, bathrooms or kitchens, settling garden or pool stays, etc.

The installation process of this type of fireplaces presents a reduced cost and does not require any elaborate works that make us stop or hinder our day to day. Neither do they require extraction tubes, since their combustion does not generate smoke.

If you want to make your home a warm, cozy, exclusive and soulful place, the bioethanol burner designed fireplaces are the ideal alternative.