Stainless-steel swimming pools currently are a trend and are becoming one of the most successful options among users, this is due to much more than only its avant-garde and elegant appearance. With the help of our pool specialist, Pool Aesthetics, we get to know its main advantages.

1. Suitable for both exterior and interior

Stainless-steel is suitable for both indoor pools and outdoor pools, although it is especially suitable for outdoor use due to its high thermal conductivity. When exposed to sunlight, a stainless-steel pool heats up much faster than a conventional pool and thanks to the insulating effect of stainless-steel, it will maintain the water temperature longer.

2. Great versatility in its design and development

Extensions and/or changes can be applied easily even after years of use. Stainless-steel cladding is perfect for refurbishing old pools. Ceramic tiles and other finishing’s can now be clad with stainless-steel elements respecting the original pool.

3. Great durability and corrosion resistance

This type of cladding prevents water loss because it has a very strong sealing, it is resistant to frost and does not suffer any damage by extreme temperatures. Nor will it suffer colour changes due to its high resistance to UV rays.

4. Sustainable and respectful to the environment

Stainless-steel is completely recyclable and, therefore, does not pollute the environment.

Usually the return on investment is only a view years.

5. Its non-stick qualities make it especially hygienic.

The professionally treated stainless-steel surfaces are non-porous and antiseptic, which prevents the formation of algae and fungus. Its maintenance is very low cost and requires very little effort and dedication.

6. It brings distinction and elegance

Stainless-steel pools have a smooth and seamless surface. The combination of water and stainless-steel provides a very nice and elegant optical effect. Stainless-steel offers the possibility of personalized shapes. There are no limits to creativity when designing stainless-steel pools.

7. Short building time

The building period of a steel pool takes approximately between 8 and 12 weeks.

Stainless-steel pools are beautiful, elegant and very hygienic. They are ideal for those who want to invest little time in maintenance and cleaning. With a slightly higher price than conventional pools but with little cost of cleaning or refurbishing, in the long term, a stainless-steel pool works out cheaper than a traditional pool.