HVAC control at home is one of the aspects that most influences the comfort of people who live in it, not only for the direct effects that it has for well-being, but for other direct consequences related to health and savings as well. In many occasions it’s told that in cold weather it’s not convenient to overheat our house, nor in times of heat is it appropriate to cool it to excess. Therefore, what aspects should we take into account to get a suitable climate in our home?


As it could not be otherwise, we started talking about the temperature. It’s very important to avoid large differences and contrasts and it is advisable to establish a constant temperature of around 21º in winter and 26º in summer. This will not only reduce our physical conditions related to temperature changes, but will also allow us considerable savings of money. If we add a system of intelligent regulation of the heating installations, we can not only regulate the intensity for each room and control the on and off to our measure, but also make the installation interact according to the exterior climatology of the house during each season. All this allows the installation to react according to the outside temperature in advance, resulting in an optimal ratio between comfort and energy consumption.


Experts recommend that the percentage of humidity suitable for comfort at home is between 45% and 55%. It also directly influences our perception of temperature, which makes it essential to have an adequate dehumidification / humidification system to help us control humidity.


An adequate ventilation system is a fundamental aspect to avoid dryness and bad smells in the air-conditioned air, since the optimal combination between the supply of filtered outdoor air and the technology of the air conditioning systems is the main cause of a comfortable and healthy environment.


We have two complementary ways to keep the balance at home. One is the introduction of energy and the other is the way to maintain / contain it (it requires good thermal insulation). The adequate isolation of our house will allow us to maintain the above mentioned conditions for a longer time and without excessive consumption. We must take into account that both windows and walls as well as floor and ceiling are key points in the insulation of homes which influence the adopted heating and cooling systems.

Finally, it would remain pending to provide an efficient energy generation system, which will be addressed in future articles ….