Simplification of shapes, less is more

This is one of the maximum expressions of contemporary architecture and one of the most powerful trends in construction and interior design projects nowadays. Straight lines, cubic forms, neutral colours and greater sense of spaciousness and order.

Large windows, transparent design

It is not only a question of obtaining a greater intensity of indoor light, but of including the windows as an ally of the lighting and decoration that brings lightness and transparency to the construction as well. Wood, aluminium and PVC are the most common materials, which with the wide range of aspects and colours they offer us, are without a doubt a decorative element with a important role.

Harmony between interior and exterior design

Exterior design is no longer a secondary or minor aspect. This must be carefully adapted and according to the composition of the building, again letting the simplicity reign, the diaphanous and not excessively ornate.

More focus on concrete

Concrete is no longer a structural element but has become an element with an aesthetic function and a large presence in both the interior and exterior of the project, walls, floors and ceiling. Concrete as a decorative element offers many possibilities and, additionally, can significantly reduce the expenses calculated for interior decoration and coatings as it is cheaper.

Integrated and clear lighting is leading the decoration

In line with the previous points, white and clear light gains prominence because it causes a greater sense of neutrality and peace, connected to an integrated lighting system , sometimes barely noticeable to the naked eye.

Smart homes directed through home automation

We cannot ignore the importance of innovation and technology. Nowadays, architecture and interior design are impregnated by the integration of systems for residential control through mobile devices focused on offering maximum comfort and efficiency of our home.