The fireplace is without a doubt one of the most attractive places in a home, a privileged witness of countless of love scenes on the big screen, a meeting point for family members or a place to relax, among others. It is a point that brings harmony to a room and generates warmth and a very special and welcoming ambience. But it has also become a reference element in the design and decoration of our home, giving it a flavour of distinction and exclusivity. But do you know what your options are when choosing the best type of fireplace?

Wood burning Fireplaces

If you are one of those who enjoys the beautiful ritual of lighting the fire and observing the coloured flames, this is your best option. Although it is a traditional combustion system, wood-burning fireplaces haven´t stayed behind in design and functionality. We can use both traditional and more modern designs. Both will fill our home with harmony and comfort maximizing energy efficiency and using advanced security systems to protect you and your family.

Gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are an ideal choice for all types of houses and rooms. With a simple installation, you can enjoy beautiful elements that will offer you great comfort. Further on, gas doesn’t generate any waste after using it, so it is an ideal option for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Bioethanol fireplaces

Currently we can see this as a proven trend for this year in Spanish properties. With their modern design, they are a vanguard element that contributes an important note of elegance and distinction without having to use complicated installations. Like gas fireplaces, bioethanol fireplaces are very easy to use and work at full capacity almost immediately.

In the case of gas fireplaces and bioethanol fireplaces, home automation technology allows us the option of integrating a remote-control system both to turn on and turn off as well as adjusting the fires intensity, allowing us total control from our smartphone or tablet.

Have you already chosen a fireplace for your home?