During the summer, due to the high temperatures, the need arises to take a dip in the pool, cool off and enjoy the benefits of a pool or a design wellness zone. For this reason, most homes take the opportunity to make reforms and build the pool during the summer period and more specifically, during the holidays.  

However, perhaps that season is not the best to do it. Whether you want to build your pool or if you want to design and install your wellness area, doing it in winter is the best idea and in this post we tell you why with the help of our partner Pool Aesthetics 

At Exposiner we like to work meeting all client expectations in the most personalized and exclusive way possible. For this reason we like to weigh all the factors when building a pool or wellness area. Therefore, when building your pool or renovating it and installing, for example, a massage station, a geyser or a counter-current swimming systemyou should take your time for it. 

It is best to plan these reforms in advance to allow time for the construction process that requires an essential calendar for the permit, design, excavation and settlement of the materials. It is a necessary process that cannot simply be accelerated. The constructive result will be much better if we allow time for these processes. In this way we will have time to solve any unforeseen or incident that may arise.  

Exposiner has partners such as Pool Aesthetics for their high-quality pool finishes as well as the latest technology and the best materials. However, to guarantee the highest quality, the best time to carry out your renovation for your indoor pool is winter. In winter, the drying time of the materials is a little slower, so the quality of the construction will be much higher since we will achieve greater efficiency. Spring is a more unstable season in which there can be rains.  


Building your pool in winter is also a sure guarantee of being able to use the pool in the hottest months of the year. Most of the people intend to start their work in April or May and although for our partner Pool Aesthetics this is never a problem, it is better to do it in time due to any delay outside the project that may arise (bad weather, for example). It is best to carry out these projects with planning and step by step.