Exposiner, this unique project that we have, is a consortium made up of 8 leading companies in the sector, dedicated to high decoration, technology and architecture. In previous posts we have interviewed two of our partners and in this post, we have the pleasure of speaking with Climamedida, a company dedicated to home conditioning. But more than home conditioning, it is a company that focuses on the well-being and comfort of its customers.

In this post, Climamedida tells us about its professional career, its beginnings, its experience with our consortium, its presence in our showroom and its expectations for the future.

What business mission did you open ClimAmedida with?

The origin was that we wanted to climatize, not to cool and heat environments, but to create healthy and comfortable environments.

Climamedida focuses on achieving well-being in homes through optimal thermal conditions and air quality.

Why did you enter ExpoSiner?

To share a space with other professionals, with the same concern to improve their work.

What values does ClimAmedida share with ExpoSiner?

The most important thing and I think both institutions share it, is customer satisfaction.

What does this showroom mean to ClimAmedida?

This space for us represents being able to share a space with other partners with which to create a synergy of our activities and theirs when it comes to being able to offer a product together to the customer.

At Exposiner we are in great harmony with some of the values ​​of Climamedida, such as efficiency and sustainability. We also seek, like Climamedida, the comfort and happiness of the client.

How do you see ExpoSiner in 5 years?

Unique in its kind and leader. The market trend of specialization of all trades leads to this union of professionals being unique since the market itself does not allow such specialization naturally.