At Exposiner we always talk about the importance of the union we have with our partners,

each a leader in their sector. Exposiner unites architecture, decoration, art, technology and the partner’s products that we will talk about in this post, related to domestic fire.

Fuego Difusión is one of our partners and has a wide professional career that dates back to around 1985, with Ximo Ivars at the helm, who comes to tell us about his experience with our consortium of companies.

Your company has been making homes more pleasant for more than 25 years. With what business mission did you open Fuego Difusión?

Well, with the aim of building the most specialized company possible at the national level to carry out projects with fires and chimneys, saving all the technical obstacles that arise, giving satisfaction to its prescriber and its client.

While our partner’s mission is to satisfy its customers (one of the priorities that at Exposiner we also have), at Exposiner we have a clear and defined mission: to fill homes with harmony, warmth and well-being.

Why did you enter Exposiner?

I saw an opportunity to participate in group work with some excellent entrepreneurs and share and learn to develop in a group, together.

What values ​​does Fuego Difusión share with Exposiner?

We share passion and responsibility for work. At Exposiner, we realized that out priority is customer satisfaction.

What does this showroom mean for Fuego Difusión?

It means the satisfaction of seeing my products integrated in the same space with the products of my partners and that I see that they fit perfectly, leading to the satisfaction of the prescriber.

In our showroom our clients can see a large number of innovative products for the home: home automation, last generation technology for the home, air conditioning, architecture, interior decoration, pool projects and wellness areas, etc. All our partners show the best they have in our showroom.

How do you see Exposiner in 5 years?

I see that Exposiner will be a great reference in the type of association of businessmen who come together to work together and that will be requested by projects in their environment.

Our consortium has the strength of having a valuable team, in which each member is specialized in a sector, so that each project is perfected and optimized in an efficient, exclusive and innovative way.