Currently, one of the most demanded and installed mechanisms in homes are bioclimatic pergolas. This type of installation from our partner Summerglass Creative Living has had a great boom in recent years compared to conventional methods, since they are provided with high quality and developed to measure, taking into account the needs of their clients. However, there is a wide variety of sun protection elements that you can count on and we will tell you about it below.

When it comes to turning your home into a more pleasant, attractive and comfortable place, at Exposiner we bring you the best solutions, services and products. That’s why we collaborate with partners such as Summerglass Creative Living, a company that was born with the vision of decorating and creating unique spaces and environments, of designing homes, creating exclusive and quality luxurious spaces and taking into account the needs of a demanding client.

To create unique spaces in the home, Summerglass puts at your disposal its bioclimatic pergolas, as we have mentioned before, but also other options like the tensostatic pergola, a technological, motorized and totally silent flat awning system. These two systems are perfect for extending the home to the outside, but within this line we cannot forget the articulated parasols, a design product, ideal for terraces and gardens, creating an ideal atmosphere and protecting us from the sun at the same time.

To increase the feeling of well-being, Summerglass also proposes complementing outdoor spaces with external blinds for better protection from the sun or against the wind. However, the blinds do not only have a functional and practical sense, since the exclusive design of Summerglass can also provide a better aesthetic to the home.

For adjoining or independent spaces to the house, that is, a little further away, we can choose an option such as the designer umbrella. This element can be as practical as it is attractive for your garden, solarium, pool or terrace. For interior spaces, Summerglass also has a varied proposal of interior blinds with a roller mechanism that gracefully accompanies the aesthetics of the home, discreetly and offering great possibilities in terms of styles and designs.