Are you getting the maximum potential of your home in terms of comfort and entertainment? Do you Imagine being able to control and automatize the lighting, the climate, the television, or any other element of your home and, besides, to be able to control it from your mobile phone or tablet? Domotics offers us a lot of possibilities such as the following:

Lighting control

Get the desired atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors, warmth, harmony, and well-being, the coorect intensity of light that every moment requires, creating the ideal environment and optimizing energy usage.

Climate control

The temperature of the home is probably the most influential aspect, not only in comfort, but also in one’s health. With an adequate climate control system, we will be able to obtain maximum energy efficiency and the ideal temperature for each moment and in each room of home, adapting it to our body condition.

Audiovisual control

Technology, cinema, videogames, documentaries, series, music, etc. are there for moments of fun and leisure in which comfort is fundamental to be able to enjoy it to the maximum. And comfort in this case is about the ability to control all devices and content from the palm of your hand.

Home Cinemas

4K UHD quality screens, surround sound, vibrating seats, soundproofed walls. Audio-visual entertainment at its maximum expression brought to you in a home theatre with a personalized design and controllable through your mobile or tablet.

Scenes Scheduling

Home automation offers us the possibility to create automated scenes through integrated systems. We will be able to respond to our needs in an automated way, combining actions of all elements and all rooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, garden, blinds, bathtub, oven, television, etc. Scenes created and configured using your special desires to reach maximum performance and satisfaction.

Security systems

Enjoying everything that the integration of domotic systems offers us reaches its maximum magnificence when, in addition, we make it safe and secure. Because in besides comfort and entertainment, residential control helps us to establish home safety systems both to dissuade and to monitor remotely through any mobile device.

Your home is the core of your life and should also be your place for tranquillity, rest, entertainment and well-being. At ExpoSiner we offer you the possibility to live your daily life with the highest quality, luxury, comfort, technology and fun, with total control from the palm of your hand.