The world of architecture is not immune to the coronavirus. Like most professionals, architects have also had to endure “on the warpath” the setbacks that the health crisis has caused. Today Blues Simon Group highlights the imperfections of homes and the changes we should make to make them a more comfortable place. 

Having a home to suit you is something that did not seem so easy before, but that ExpoSiner guarantees and facilitates you. ExpoSiner is a consortium of companies that work in synergy to offer you the best architecture, decoration and technology. It is a team of professionals from various sectors working together to offer you the highest quality by tailoring your home to your needs with maximum comfortluxury and design. 

ExpoSiner’s values

In Exposiner the most important thing is the commitment we have with our clients and, above all, their satisfaction. Our consortium of companies has everything you need for your home: quality, design and the latest innovations in home furnishing.

Blues Simon Group, one of ExpoSiner’s partners, is exactly the profile that suits a client’s needs. Blues Simon Group is perfect if you are looking for a financially and professionally reliable company with a technical team that transmits confidence. This company located in Altea, which has a long career path in construction, rehabilitation and execution of works, continues on the warpath despite the crisis caused by the coronavirus. 

Now that we spend more and more time at home, we are realizing that our homes are not made for us and new needs arise. Due to the current situation, we have also been forced to reconcile family life with work and rest, with sports and health, etc. All these situations will lead us, according to Blues Simon Group, to look for more flexible, cleaner homes, connected to the outdoor space and spacious. 

Post-covid architecture

One of the characteristics of the homes of the future is that they will be much more flexible and easily adaptable to changes. This is achieved through functional and versatile architecture and construction, being able to use the available space in the home to work, play sports and also play with our children. Another important feature of the homes of the future is that the outdoor spaces will have much more importance and should connect with the interior spaces. 

Another very important feature of luxury homes that we need in the future is that they must comply with energy efficiency to the maximum. We must be aware of the resources we have and look for a model of home with less energy consumption. This can be easily achieved through home automation, with companies like Censys. Our home should be our refuge, a place where the storage of objects is more efficient and where air conditioning and insulation are more important.