Summer is over, but we are not going to stop having fun and enjoying our pool. Installing recessed or deck mounted installation, or a lids or cladding cover is the key to protecting the pool and extending the bathing season. Pool Aesthetics also offers custom-made designs and styles that turn the terrace into an exclusive, luxurious and quality place. In this post we show you the types of Pool Aesthetics covers that you can install in your pool and their advantages.

Since our inception, at Exposiner we have always tried to provide the best solutions for your home. Quality solutions that guarantee the safety and comfort of your home, without forgetting such important values ​​as quality, finishes, designs and luxury touches. Hand in hand with companies like Pool Aesthetics we have done everything possible to improve your lifestyle. One of the solutions that we offer at Exposiner by Pool Aesthetics to improve your lifestyle are pool covers.

The installation of a Pool Aesthetics cover has a great advantage, which is to keep the water clean during the winter and avoid the proliferation of algae. But we must not forget that, in addition, thanks to the cover we can better conserve the water temperature and, in this way, increase the bathing season. You are probably wondering what type of installation is best for your pool.

If you want to extend the bathing season, we recommend a recessed installation. Thanks to its high-quality gear motors, you can remotely activate this cover. If you also install a water heating system you can even enjoy your pool all year round. However, if what you are looking for is a simpler and cheaper cover, we recommend the deck mounted installations. The main advantage of this type of cover is that it is easily customizable (you can decorate it with mosaics, tiles or drawings).

A cover can even help you protect your most vulnerable loved ones from unwanted falls in the pool. You can do this with the lids cover because it has a great resistance thanks to the materials from which it is made (Polycarbonate, PVC and PVC – Ecoprotect). Thanks to this protector you can also protect the pool from the dirt in the environment and isolate the water temperature when you are heating it. The covers can also be coated or made of the coatings that you prefer. This is how way you can mix functionality and design and achieve a smart pool with a high aesthetic value.