Since our beginnings we have always wanted to have professional companies in their sector, with the same philosophy and synergy as ExpoSiner. At ExpoSiner we have one main objective, which is to offer luxurious, creative, innovative and advanced solutions for our clients’ homes. For this reason, our consortium of companies is made up of great professionals from sectors such as architecture, decoration and technology.

One of the companies that we count on to guarantee our client’s dream house is Soltec, a company specialized in designer and efficient lighting. In this post you will be able to read the interview we did with him, in which we will be able to descover his business mission, the reason why he has trusted our consortium and his future forecasts.


With what business mission did you open Soltec?

The goal was to have customers who had something personalized and that they could make scenes with the lighting, which normally during the day you cannot see. The protagonist has the afternoon there the show starts switching on the lights in the garden or in your home.

Why did you get into ExpoSiner?

Because there was no such consortium of companies at that time. I saw it directly as a great opportunity in the market. To introduce knowledge, in each of the fields, with common efforts for the market.

For ExpoSiner Soltec means creativity, innovation and technology, since it is a company that is always in search of the latest trends to optimize lighting as much as possible, according to the needs of each client.

What values does Soltec share with ExpoSiner?

The common one we have is an interest for the costumer. He is the protagonist in his project and we are all professionals within his domain.

What does this showroom mean to Soltec?

What I can say is what they say in English “the sky is the limit”. The creativity we have is without borders. This means that if a client wants a project, we first hear what they want giving a professional response and adapted to their needs.

Our showroom is a place that demonstrates how ExpoSiner can improve people’s quality of life, since they are completely personalized products and solutions according to the customs and domestic tastes of each person.

How do you see ExpoSiner 5 years from now?

The future is easy: carry on as before, in a good spirit. To offer together all our technology and the latest development in each field. Always use the latest novelty in the market.