Exposiner is a place where architecture, technology and high-end decoration come together to offer a complete experience to our clients. On other occasions we have talked about each and every one of the partners without which Exposiner would not be the same, but today we want to talk about the presence of art in our consortium. For this reason, in this post we interview the co-founder of our partner Boticelli Art, Jorge Tudela.

With what business mission did you open Botticelli Art?

With the mission of promoting the art world, contributing our initiatives to this group and after having meditated on it with my daughter, we founded Botticelli Art.

Botticelli Art brings together a very wide and varied network of artists with great international prestige and its initiative in this group is to offer advice and services to these art professionals.

Why did you get into Exposiner?

Our company could provide a space that Exposiner lacked, such as the theme of decoration and the world of art. Our regular clients are art galleries, but we also do any type of project, such as art for decorating houses and villas. Any space where we can install art.

Botticelli Art is a company that has many clients in common with the rest of our partners, which makes our union much more productive.

What values does Botticelli Art share with Exposiner?

We realized that Exposiner is a super professional group, with an enormous affinity between the members and that, if this group came to fruition and continued with the ideas we had, I was convinced. In other words, every day I was more convinced to join this consortium.

What does this showroom represent for Botticelli Art?

Here in the group there are catalogs of companies, artists and at each meeting, each member contributes with their ideas. And those meetings is how the Exposiner level goes up.

In our showroom our clients can see a large of innovative products that we can integrate into the home and in any other space in which we live together daily: home automation, air conditioning, architecture, interior decoration, pool and wellness area projects, art and interior design, etc. It is a place where the members of our consortium show the best they have for their clients.

How do you see Exposiner in 5 years?

People are going to be very interested in participating in groups like Exposiner, because clients do not want headaches when they have a project. “I want to build a house, I want to decorate it, install home automation, air conditioning, etc., but what if I have a company that takes away all these problems and gives me the house or the installation done?”

In other words, the “dirty work” is done by Exposiner but always with the trust of the client and that the end result is that this client will open other doors for the whole group. That is the important thing.