At Exposiner, some of the values ​​that most characterize our work are luxury, quality and excellence of our projects. One of the partners with whom we share these three values ​​that are so important to our clients is Blues Simon Group. Blues Simon Group is a construction company for which customer’s satisfaction is essential. In this post we will interview Nicolae Filip, CEO of Blues Simon Group.

With what business mission did you open Blues Simon Group?

We can say that Blues Simon Group was born to try to give the best customer service, from active listening and support to be able to fulfill its mission of building a house.

Something that cannot be missed in our consortium of companies dedicated to the home sector is Blues Simon Group, a company specialized in construction, execution of works and singular reforms. Blues Simon Group has also found in our consortium an opportunity for expansion and improvement, as explained below:

Why did you get into ExpoSiner?

When you work on your own and there is no ExpoSiner that accumulates all these trades, you really lack this external pressure. Because you cannot fail when you are part of a group like this, you cannot fail. So, this pressure that is an external pressure from the company really is the creative part of your company.

What values does Blues Simon Group share with ExpoSiner?

At this table we sit with eight professionals who know very well what they are doing. And professionals not only of the trade they carry, but professionals as people, in the treatment they have with clients, in the relationship we have among ourselves.

For Exposiner, having a partner like Blues Simon Group means having three qualities: quality, honesty and transparency. It is a very positive thing for us to have partners like Blues Simon Group in our showroom.

What does this showroom mean to Blues Simon Group?

At the time the customer enters ExpoSiner, it connects with all the partners of the group. It connects with your values and with several material elements that will help you understand what you will receive in a future project from those partners and from ExpoSiner as a cluster, as a whole.

How do you see ExpoSiner 5 years from now?

The customer just must talk, just locate themselves. Within ExpoSiner he will always find the answers, the questions have to be asked by him: what do I need? what do I want? How far do I want to go? And here’s a group of professionals who will know how to answer those questions. I sincerely see the future of ExpoSiner as a success because I see it as ready to answer all the challenges, all the questions, all the customer’s concerns in the future.