Exposiner, this unique project in Spain made up of 8 leading companies in their sector, is a consortium in which all partners can integrate their services and products into a single system. Exposiner is the solution for homes covering needs from architecture and home automation, from fireplaces to outdoor accessories. Today we interview Summerglass, our partner that provides solutions for exteriors such as enclosures, covers, swimming pools and spas, sun protection and other decorative materials that are essential in our clients’ homes.

With what business mission did you open SummerGlass?

SummerGlass was opened as a personal project, as for me it is a lifestyle. Work with the highest demands, see the finished projects, with all that these “lifestyle” products represent, such as the pergolas and special enclosures, which is what we master and see the satisfied customer once it has been done. This makes me fall in love when I see project finished.

Summerglass, with more than 18 years of experience in the sector, seeks, like Exposiner, to satisfy the needs of a demanding clientele with seriousness, perseverance and honesty. 

Why did you get into ExpoSiner? 

I was struck by the idea, especially of what is an enriching added value of charisma, since we surround ourselves with several colleagues who work in a line with a top clients, with the desire to carry out a joint project and generate a common satisfaction for the final customer. 

What values ​​does SummerGlass share with ExpoSiner? 

Transparency, illusion, of course we would talk about the sacrifice of the project, the management, the commitment and confidence in the project. And also the empathy and working spirit of the group. 

Creativity and innovation are also two characteristics that we share with our partner Summerglass. Teamwork with all our partners is the pillar of our daily growth. 

What does this showroom mean for SummerGlass? 

I call it the “station of secrets”, because in this great hangar we are developing each one our qualities, our know-how. Therefor that of “our secrets”, to be able to show them to our own customers or in conjunction with the group. Of course, it is a system, an added value that allows us to contribute, not only our work systems, but also to adopt the systems of colleagues and give other options to end customers. 

How do you see ExpoSiner 5 years from now? 

I know that with the trust we have among all the members of the group, the quality of work we are having and the contributions we make individually in the know-how, we will be able to generate a long-term future perspective that allows us to be stable in the market and be able to process that type of special projects with the foreign client that brings us benefit in the area. 

The objective we have at Exposiner is to create unique and exclusive spaces, custom homes to the tastes of our clients. We hope that together with our partners we continue to grow and innovate, developing projects with excellence and quality.