When you start thinking about a pool or wellness area for ​​your new home, you do it by studying the design, its architecture, decorative elements, materials, etc … and we leave the maintenance system in second place.

From ExpoSiner we always advise facing the project from the global set, since the visible part of our wet areas directly influences the maintenance system and vice versa.

Pool-Aesthetics, our specialist partner in this service, designs each of her projects starting from the needs of the client, thus achieving the perfect personalization. Pool-Aesthetics works with the best brands and when it comes to maintenance, Ospa is the best.

The Ospa-system not only controls important elements of your pool or wellness area such as lighting, temperature, air conditioning, deck or water treatment itself, but, having the entire system monitored, also detects incidents that may arise to be serious problems with the pass of time.

In addition, this maintenance is fully integrated with the home automation system, benefiting the easy control and comfort of the user and offering advantages such as:

– Perfect water quality at all times;

– Maximum energy efficiency;

– Control through your mobile device.