One of the main keys to enjoy all the leisure and entertainment that our home can offer is a complete and optimal audio-visual installation of both indoor and outdoor areas. This time we want to tell you about outdoor zones and how to design an optimal acoustic system for them and what are the most suitable devices to give it shape.

In case of having outdoor living areas at home, we have the possibility of implementing a perfect audio system to enjoy the music that we like the most and that is most appropriate for each moment.

Outdoor speakers are a key device in these types of systems. Its design is oriented to offer the maximum sound quality in practically any area we want to place them. And that is another of its advantages, its versatility. We can install them almost anywhere we want, both vertically and horizontally.

Our provider, Bowers & Wilkins, offers us an incredible range of speakers that can vary both in size and design, so that we can achieve full integration into our environment. In addition, they offer a great durability and total resistance to the inclemency of time.

But next to enjoying an excellent sound quality, we will want to add a unique decorative element that brings personality and distinction to our environment.

For this, we also have the option of incorporating design speakers shaped like, for example, a sphere, cylinder or a block. This type of speaker is placed on the floor and offer us a wide and attractive variety of designs, materials and finishes that surround an omnidirectional system that is placed inside and that, in addition to an innovative design, offers us an 360º sound of a magnificent quality that fills our home with an incomparable harmony and atmosphere.

In addition, Censys, our partner specialist in residential control systems for the control and automation of all audio-visual devices in your home, will make it easier for us to control all the features from the palm of our hand and through any mobile device.