We are living a digital world, where online purchases are increasing more and more and traditional and physical commerce is losing more and more consumers and it is essential to make an extra effort to attract their attention, effectively. In a market where competition is so overwhelming, it is essential for brick-and-mortar businesses to create a unique shopping experience for their customers. For this reason, over time, various ways of attracting the attention of potential customers have appeared: resources such as olfactory marketing, sound marketing, temperature and what we will discuss in this article, lighting, one of the most powerful when making or not a purchase decision.

The key, according to our experts, who have a long history of selling home services and products, which has been made possible in part thanks to the various showroom scenarios created at Exposiner, is to offer a shopping experience that the Internet cannot give to potential customers. One of the most powerful tools is lighting and according to Soltec Technical Solutions, one of our partners and lighting experts, it is a very powerful resource that has a very decisive influence on purchasing habits. For this reason, our Exposiner experts will provide you with some valuable advice when it comes to highlighting those points of a business that provide very advantageous characteristics through lighting.


To strategically illuminate a business, it is not necessary to integrate the lights in every corner, but to plan the environment that we want to generate. For this, it is important to take into account the corporate image and the type of business that we have, since strategic lighting does not only work in favor of the sale of products, but also to build a corporate image and give personality to the brand. Therefore, Exponiser advises that, for those stores where the purchase decision is slower and less hasty, we use a dimmer light, so that people relax, spend more time in the store and buy in a calm and without stress.

If we need customers to take a closer look at products, we’ll need to use brighter lighting. Another very interesting advice that our experts give to those entrepreneurs with physical businesses is to play with color and lighting changes, since, in this way, we can generate different emotions in potential customers and we will turn the customer’s shopping experience into a special one.