Since last March 2020 we locked ourselves up at home to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic and to take care of our health, we have put aside a large number of hobbies. One of these activities has been enjoying a good movie at the cinema. When the cinemas reopened their doors, this trend began to be left behind and since in 2021 just over 3 million people went to see a movie throughout the year, while only in the first 3 months of 2020 the numbers already exceeded 21 million. These are interesting numbers, because they indicate that the habit of leaving the house to watch movies is being lost. Now what people wants is to watch movies at home.

Thanks to platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO, we are currently seeing a clear trend towards a preference for home cinema. But this trend does not exist only thanks to these platforms, but also thanks to the interesting, technological and creative work carried out by companies such as our partner Censys, which states that demand in private cinemas has skyrocketed by up to 40% since the start of the pandemic.

Censys, whose most recent work has been transferred to the Netherlands, affirms that the world of technology is one that dances to our needs and for this reason makes available to its clients a wide range of customizable solutions according to their habits. From homes that breathe to the rhythm of the people who live inside, with life-enhancing features, automated gardens and pools, to smart yachts and home theaters, Censys always seeks to deliver a complete experience of unmatched quality.

Censys’s most recent project has been a home cinema in the Netherlands, a project in which, together with a professional interior design team, they managed to create a perfect place to enjoy the cinema. Censys has had the great experience of companies such as Barbossa Design Studio and Omen Interior Construction and has created a movie theater that breathes quality in design, interior design, architecture and technology. To create this spectacular cinema room, an acoustic screen has been used on which an image with 4K resolution will be projected.

But in addition to giving its client an image of a quality that reality cannot imitate, Censys has also put the icing on the cake with four ceiling speakers, Marantz MK sound, a Sony VW870ES projector, with a transparent acoustic screen Elunevisión. The result is a picture and sound impossible to match. We have no doubt that our partner has managed to create a true jewel in this home in the Netherlands.