The cold season is here and in a world in which the environment seems to be in last place, at ExpoSiner we put sustainability, renewable energy, and 0 pollution at number 1 on our list of priorities. And we do with partners such as Fuego Difusión, which among its variety of products includes innovative bioethanol fireplaces. In this post we will explain the advantages of these elegant fireplaces and how they function.

Bioethanol fireplaces have become an indispensable element both in the world of interior design and in matters of sustainability and efficiency. Fuego Difusión bioethanol fireplaces work thanks to this substance that burns and emits heat to the home and its main advantage is that it is ecological. Bioethanol is manufactured through the accumulation of vegetables that ferments together with sugar and that’s why its combustion is harmless for the environment and for your home.

In addition to the 0 pollution generated by these chimneys, our partner also highlights that, unlike other chimneys, the one that consumes bioethanol does not generate any smoke, dust or ash and the fuel is completely odorless. This, in addition to providing great environmental value, also means much easier maintenance and cleaning. The only maintenance you will have to do to these elegant fireplaces is to refill their fuel tank. As they do not emit smoke, bioethanol fireplaces do not require the installation of a smoke extraction at all.

The calorific value of Fuego Difusion’s the fireplaces is very high and you will only need around 30 minutes to heat a room of 30 m2. If you also connect the fireplace to your home automation, you will get an efficient home, which you can control with a simple click. Light the fireplace before you get home and you will find it warm and pleasant.