The outdoor pergolas sector is constantly evolving and at high speed. So much that we now have a new way to enjoy your outdoor spaces, never seen to date: bioclimatic pergolas.

Summerglass, the ExpoSiner specialist who does not stop researching and innovating within this sector, presents the SO! Pergolas, a product with the highest quality of the brand Winsol. These pergolas work through GPS, modifying their configuration automatically in relation to atmospheric conditions.

Outdoor, with all the comfort of inside
This type of pergola has automatic slats, ambient led lighting, star filled sky imitation, Bluetooth sound system, USB charging point, 230v connection and heating. This is not a sun protection anymore. You can live in it the same feeling that you live inside the house.

The power of Control
How does Summerglass turn your space into an extension of your living room? The answer is: SO! You have the possibility to control all your elements by means of your smartphone application! Connected, with integrated GPS. Control, from your mobile device, the inclination of the slats, your favorite music, lighting or heating; to get the perfect atmosphere.

Tailored to your needs
With the clear objective of meeting all the needs of the customers, Winsol offers 3 different PACKS of SO! Pergolas:

              SO! Cosy
              Turn your terrace into an area where you will spend some intimate moments. Let the summer breeze caress your face, shade your space or enjoy the rainy moments from the intimacy of your SO! Pergola.

              SO! Chic
              Relax in a quiet, cozy or festive atmosphere and unleash the reins of your fantasy. Depending on your preferences, you can adjust the LED lights to glow with warm or cold and white light while the atmosphere is filled with music from the integrated sound system.

              SO! Star
              By day, the motorized system automatically regulates the slats, according to your own configuration. Heating, lounge music, dimmed light, let yourself be led to a ambience season after season.

Not only in summer
Imagine being able to enjoy your outdoor area at any time of the day and at all times of the year. With the technology of this type of pergola, you will get a cool breeze on hot summer days, a perfect protection against autumn rain, a cozy temperature in the cold winter and a pleasant solar lighting in the beautiful days of the Spring.

Design, decoration and architecture
With its minimalistic style, Summerglass’s bioclimatic pergolas adapt to any installation area, creating custom spaces with an innovative architectural design.