We all know the importance of changing our energy consumption habits and acting against climate change and one of the tools we have at Exposiner is energy efficiency. For this reason, we have partners who make the most efficient systems available to our customers nowdays.

Climamedida, one of our partners who works with and for sustainable air conditioning, affirms that Aerothermal is, without any doubt, the most efficient system that exists today for climatizing homes. With just a single equipment, Climamedida manages to cover all the energy demand of the house at a very low cost. Aerothermal can also efficiently produce ACS (domestic hot water), providing savings of up to 75% compared to other traditional systems.

Climamedida’s Aerothermal INVERTER is a technology that obtains energy for free, that comes from the environment to be heated, which allows a COP (Coefficient of performance) close to 5 (depending on the outdoor weather conditions), which means that for every 1 kW of electricity consumed, the system contributes 5 thermal kW to the installation, so we can assert that 80% of the energy we use is free.

However, the operation of the system requires a small electricity consumption and that is where photovoltaic solar collection systems play an important role. The electricity provided by a small installation of photovoltaic panels makes it possible to cover the extra demand required by the reversible heat pump integrated in the aerothermal system.

Underfloor heating systems, added to adequate and efficient thermal regulation, provide us a homogeneous distribution of heat since it is not affected by air currents or the targeting of heat sources, allowing us to heat or cool rooms in the same way more efficient.

Therefore, if we add the latter and integrate it into a hybrid Solar Aerothermal system, we will obtain incredible results in terms of efficiency.