Technological advances have brought into our lives a wide variety of solutions that help us to have a better quality of life within our homes. For thermal comfort we have aerothermal energy, which is part of this type of technological advance whose energy, which is renewable, comes from the air. This renewable energy, which is used for air conditioning the home (heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary hot water), is the perfect substitute for gas and diesel. In addition, this technology combined with photovoltaic solar panels gives us unsurpassed energy efficiency. 

How does it work? 

The aerothermal works thanks to a heat pump whose operation is used to give heat in winter, to cool in summer and to provide hot water throughout the year. The heat pump works by using the energy that is generated through the air, regardless of the temperature in the environment. This renewable resource is perfectly combined with other types of energy (electricity, mechanical, climate) to guarantee the energy supply in the most efficient way. 

Now, with all this we are reaching a pleasant comfort temperature. If we also comply with efficient and healthy ventilation we will have a healthy environment. An easy way to achieve this is to use ventilation equipment with filtration and heat / enthalpy recovery (humidity control where required). With these ventilation systems we manage to reduce the concentrations of C02 to healthy levels (<450ppm).  

Zehnder’s descriptive example of the importance of ventilation: 

Ejemplo descriptivo de Zehnder de la importancia de la ventilación

What benefits does it have for your home? 

The main benefit is energy efficiency and that it is a type of air conditioning that respects the environment. However, we must not forget either the great savings that the cost of electricity and gas supposes for a home. Although the initial expense is a substantial investment, in the long run (in 2 or 3 years) you will pay off the amount and you will even gain. According to Climamedida, our partner with a lot of experience in the world of air conditioning, the installation of the aerothermal is simple and you only need to have enough space to install it. 

For a healthy environment we need to control the following parameters 

  • temperature 
  • humidity 
  • CO2 concentration 
  • existence of volatile organic compounds (VOC). 


Home automation control 

In addition of achieving a perfect temperature and a healthy environment we will need to install controls for its management and monitoring. These controls can be executed using the web or a app. 

Aerothermal equipment can be integrated into home automation in a very simple way and is a necessary element for total control of the home’s air conditioning. To provide your home with more luxury and comfort, you can also count on our partner Censys, who has the perfect solutions for a home automation control of the HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system of your home.  

Broadly speaking, these lines would mark the design of an efficient and healthy home. Our partner Climamedida is specialized in its design and installation.