We close one more year in our professional career. 2021 was the year of vaccines, a year in which all of us have tried to recover our lives, a year of economic reactivation, of resurrection. This year at Exposiner we have also taken new paths, new strategies and started new projects … And in what other way but with our partners, who have accompanied us as always.

We start the year with our partner, Censys, which brings a very interesting proposal for those who love cinema. One of the things that the coronavirus has prevented us all from doing is enjoying the cinema with total freedom. After a whole year of confinement and without being able to enjoy cinema the way we like it (with a giant screen, realistic sound and image), Censys comes with its new proposal: professional cinema at home.

As soon as the year began at Exposiner, we already thought of a new way to make our dear partners known and that is by interviewing their founders and spokespersons. That’s how companies such as Fuego Difusión, Botticelli art, ClimAmedida, Censys, Summerglass Creative Living, Blues Simon Group and Soltec told us about their trajectory, their mission and vision in our showroom, their values ​​and their future expectations within Exposiner.

The mission and the objective that we have in Exposiner is to create unique and exclusive spaces, to offer the client a 360º and quality service. That is why this year 2021 we have tried to give all the visibility and prominence they deserve to companies as professional and specialized as those we have mentioned above.

After interviewing each and every one of our partners, we decided to give voice, with great pride, to a new project completed by Pool Aesthetics (also from our Exposiner consortium). We are showed you a relaxing paradise designed and built at the Hotel Spa Porta Maris.

However, Pool Aesthetics is not the only partner that has managed to satisfy the needs of our clients with incredible projects, Blues Simon Group has also done it again with its project in the Bay of Altea. This construction, which blends seamlessly with the surroundings, landscape and nature, is one of the unmistakable hallmarks of the Blues Simon Group.

Other interesting topics that we have touched on at Exposiner are air conditioning, efficiency and sustainability, in the hands of partners such as Fuego Difusión and ClimAmedida. We are very excited about the arrival of this new year 2022, that as always, we will bring you news, projects and innovative solutions.