At ExpoSiner we are celebrating the entrance of a new partner. Summerglass, a company specialized in enclosures and high-end decoration, joins the group to continue growing in search of excellence. Seriousness, perseverance, honesty, teamwork and imagination are the working values ​​of Summerglass which are shared with the rest of ExpoSiner’s partners.

Summerglass was established because of a fusion of qualities in the art of enclosures and talent in decoration, creating unique spaces and offering timeless quality of life to a demanding clientele. The company has more than 18 years of experience in the sector and is characterized by solutioning problems and complicated projects in which they engage exhaustively with the client offering ​​a “turnkey” project.

Summerglass is a specialist in services such as enclosures, pool covers, outdoor accessories, sun protection, decorative materials, coatings and applications, advanced decoration, swimming pools and spas. Furthermore, Summerglass offers a line of the latest generation glass enclosures called HYLINE 40, which reduces the surface of the aluminium frame to 18mm, with excellent ease of use, resistance and total thermal and acoustic insulation.

With the introduction of this new partner, ExpoSiner not only manages to boost another ambassador of the high-level construction sector, but also adds a company with the same philosophy as the rest of the group: to offer the highest quality product and service to our customers.