The trailers, the popcorn, the lights off, the surround sound … True lovers of the seventh art perfectly understand those feelings that going to the cinema transmits to us. And if the cinema is in our own home, the experience becomes much more comfortable and special. Setting up a home theater is a very complicated and demanding task, but if you leave it in the hands of Exposiner, it becomes a task accomplished, with the help of our partner Censys. 

The experience of enjoying the home theater should be comfortable and the comfort begins from the same cinema seats. With Censys seats you can get a much better experience than we have when we go to the movies, since we can control the temperature, the speakers, the sound vibration, etc. In addition, customization is a plus, since we will get a movie theater according to the style of the rest of the house. 

However, the most important part of the home theater experience is the visual experience. With Exposiner technology we achieve a professional 4K cinema quality that is possible thanks to Censys R & D & i. As for the audiovisual experience, we can also count on the best Dolby Atmos audio technology. Our partner makes technology such as Bowers & Wilkins available to its demanding clients, for a more immersive experience and with a very special design inspired by nature.  



The acoustic system and lighting are very important elements as well, since soundproofing is essential to enhance the sound of these innovative speakers. In addition, lighting can achieve more welcoming environments. The isolation of the room from the rest of the home can be integrated and hidden through architecture and coatings. And to put the cherry on the cake and get the perfect home cinema we can integrate it to the home automation. That way we can leave our home cinema ready for when we get home, by simply clicking on our mobile device.